FlowWest was founded by Mark Tompkins, Anthony Falzone, and Paul Frank.  We met in the late 1990’s as graduate students at the University of California at Berkeley.  Our passion for better management of water resources and aquatic ecosystems drew us together, and we have been consulting professionally together for more than a decade.   We started FlowWest in 2015 to create a company that brings our clients the best people, technologies, and approaches to their challenges.


Mark Tompkins is an interdisciplinary scientist and engineer dedicated to better management and restoration of water resources and aquatic ecosystems. He provides clients with strategic insights on watersheds throughout California, across the United States, and around the world. Mark is also a teacher, author, photographer, and proud father of four.

Anthony Falzone is a geomorphologist and Certified Floodplain Manager with extensive fluvial geomorphology, river ecology/restoration, flood control, and hydrology experience.  His interdisciplinary expertise enables him to develop innovative solutions to the most complex river and flood control management challenges.

Paul Frank is a civil engineer with a background in aquatic ecology.  This dual skillset enables him to understand the complicated factors involved in multi-objective projects where infrastructure, people, and ecosystems meet.  His experience implementing river and wetland projects around the world gives him a unique perspective on how to implement challenging projects creatively and efficiently. 

The FlowWest Team


Anna Constantino, EIT

Anna is a water resources engineer with unique expertise in geospatial and statistical analysis of mass and energy transfer using high resolution topography data.


Sadie Gill

Sadie combines a unique background in GIS, data science, and computer programming to develop creative data-driven solutions to natural resources problems. 


Bethany Hackenjos, P.E.

Bethany is a water resources and ecological engineer with experience in water quality, hydrologic, and hydraulic analyses.

Colin Hanley, P.E.        

Colin is a civil engineer who brings a wealth of experience with civil design, fish passage, geomorphology, and water resources management.


Priscilla Liang

Priscilla is an environmental planner in FlowWest’s Sacramento office developing CEQA/NEPA documents and environmental permits.

Allan Miller        

Allan comes to FlowWest from a career helping develop Silicon Valley startups and teaching data science at UC Berkeley. Allan brings new ways of visualizing and decision making with natural resources data. 


Emanuel Rodriguez

Emanuel combines a background in statistics and data science with computer programming to bring our clients innovative data-driven decision making tools.


Louise Ullrich

Louise brings an array of experience as an office manager, from accounting, human resources and project management.


Nick Steinke

Nick is a water resources engineer whose background spans experiences as diverse as working for water utilities and as an international peace observer in Colombia.


Mike Urkov

Mike is an experienced environmental planner who is focusing on bringing new technologies in analytics to natural resources.