Our passion for better management of water resources and aquatic ecosystems drew us together.


FlowWest was founded by Mark Tompkins, Anthony Falzone, and Paul Frank in 2015 to provide our clients the best people, technologies, and approaches to their challenges. We believe in collaboration by approaching problems from all angles. As a group of very diverse professionals, we respect the knowledge that each specialist brings to their job, alongside openess to considering other perspectives. We find comfort in spirited debates and know we can achieve more by working together.

In addition to our team of civil engineers, environmental planners, certified floodplain managers, geomorphologists, and aquatic ecosystem scientists, we also bring technologist’s expertise to understand the critical elements required to make complex restoration projects a success.

Through close collaboration with leading software developers, FlowWest has pioneered the adaptation and implementation of the best data integration, advanced analytics, and visualisation tools from Silicon Valley to water and ecosystem management. Our team of people-focused scientists love to work with organisations to apply these new tools so your team can make better, faster decsions.