FlowWest at the 2018 California Safe Drinking Water Data Challenge!

Click the image to see the tool!

Click the image to see the tool!

FlowWest is a proud participant in California's 2018 Safe Drinking Water Data Challenge. We answered the call to show our commitment to open water data by using open water quality data to develop an effective tool that will help ensure that safe drinking water is available to every Californian. 

FlowWest data scientist Sadie Gill partnered with CALPIRG's public health advocate Laura Deehan and visual journalist / interactive web developer Lo Benichou. Our team used data released by the San Francisco Unified School District and found that half the schools contained lead in the drinking water.

Our data visualization tool maps each school based on its lead level. The tool makes clear the unsafe lead levels in schools to community members and links to resources to help concerned citizens take action. 

An award ceremony and summit concluding the Safe Drinking Water Data Challenge will be held October 18th in Los Angeles.