Anna Constantino to Present at ASCE EWRI Congress in Sacramento on Monday, May 22!

On Monday, May 22nd, Anna Constantino will be representing FlowWest and the Water Education Foundation 2016 Class of Water Leaders at the ASCE EWRI Congress in Sacramento. Her presentation will highlight several recommendations from Strategies for Achieving Water Sustainability—written by the Water Leaders Class of 2016 to address California’s challenges achieving water sustainability in supply, demand-side management, laws and governance, funding, public education and data.  

Our strategies for achieving water sustainability range from revising the language in outreach messaging to investing in technological innovation to further our understanding of climate change impacts on our watersheds and communities. A common theme within the recommendations is capitalizing on the engagement of local stakeholders such as local governments, citizen scientists, farmers, tribes, students and more.

After a year of researching and developing the report, the we found that by putting more responsibility in the hands of local water regulators, managers and users, California can address several important sustainability goals.  These include improved water data transparency and access, greater understanding of watershed science and processes, broader restoration of critical habitat, and improved water use efficiency. We also highlight the exigent need for state and federal governments to act to meet sustainability goals. These actions include investing in infrastructure repair, reformulating permitting structures and supporting the expansion of water markets.

The strategies presented in the report and summarized in Anna’s presentation on Monday were developed by the diverse group of Water Leaders 2016 alumni, including engineers, farmers, lawyers, policy analysts and more, and reflect the group’s vision for a sustainable water future in California.

Please stop by the Exhibit Hall on Monday to delve deeper into these topics with Anna. Also, FlowWest is looking for a planner and an engineer to join our team! Stop by and chat with Anna to learn more about our dynamic group with offices in Oakland and Sacramento.